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Sourcing & Procurement

The pharmaceutical industry has entered a new phase of maturity in the recent decade. With expiring patents, explosion of generic drugs, rising requirements for investment in R&D and marketing and huge pressure from governments and competitors to reduce end-market prices, there is enormous opportunity for procurement to increase its contribution to sustainable business performance improvement. With little opportunity to add headcount, procurement teams are looking to third party support to meet the demands of their internal stakeholders. Ascenders provides comprehensive and cooperative solutions to overcome these challenges.

Our approach is to act as a client purchase arm in India ensuring supplies at the optimum price. We have also been involved in securing exclusive deals and differential pricing for our clients to give them a sustainable cost edge in the market. We ensure to provide best services to the customers across the globe.

Working with our colleagues with specific industry knowledge, we are able to help our clients source categories they deem critical and/or strategic. Some examples include materials specific to an industry, such as API's, Pharmaceuticals, Generics, OTC Drugs Formulations, Excipients, and Packaging materials, which are extensively imported and exported, stocked in well facilitated ware houses.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Ascenders ensures that the API is sourced from the most competitive manufacturer, not only in terms of price, but also keeping in mind sustainability. Our manufactures are able to furnish the business needs at highest quality. We have also been able to source speciality and new API's for our client base.


Ascenders has served several clients across the globe to source formulations for their native markets from India. We have the ability to develop and contract manufacture for all markets across the globe.

We believe to deliver futuristic business, catering high quality service and to ensure as a resourceful profit center for all our clients.

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